Monday, November 24, 2008

Getting ready for the holidays

At work getting ready for the holidays has gotten a bit more than stressful for me. I was basically told we needed to write this Holiday Gift Guide with virtually no instruction. I had not even seen one previously, so with my compiled list of stuff that I had hoped was correct I sat down for an entire day and wrote about all this crap I had no idea about.

I had only known two or three of the products because they were my reviews. After I got all finished just in time I sent it over to our main editor and usually he sends it back with changes and many suggestions. I rarely get away without any changes but this time he loved the entire thing. So on to what I thought this guide was suppose to be, it never made any sense to me to begin with. I though we all had to write intros and why we recommended these products this holiday season.

Well the Holiday Gift Guide went up and I was reading through it and noticed that it s all what I had written. I had written the entire guide by myself with very little direction and they published it. Now I actually feel like a writer. It means a lot that they like my work, especially when it comes to something this big. I really enjoy working with each and every one of these guys and hope it lasts a long time.

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