Thursday, November 13, 2008

Such a mess

Alright I have reached a whole 2 readers in a single post. Not bad not bad. I think I've got two stories for today.

I have been so busy and stuck in my work lately that I have not noticed that I have unintentionally turned my coffee table into a very cluttered desk. I have everything on there from phone and accessories to laptops. I took a second to look at everything and found it really funny that I have about 13 phones on my "desk". What makes it funnier is that there not old and forgotten phones, they are all either new releases, or leading phones in today's markets. My coffee has coincidentally become a handset testing station. Here is a picture of what it looks like on one end:

Here is also a picture that I just had to take of the AT&T Fuze. As I was walking back from taking review pictures I passed the popcorn machine and simply had to grab some for a photo.

Last story I have is about our first dog Buddy. He usually take a piss on his foot when going to the bathroom outside. Well after doing this for several months he has started to get irritated and lick his foot. Now sometime between then and now he has developed this nervous foot liking problem, OCD I guess. But the thing that gets us is, he licks all of his feet now. He will sit there all day and night licking his feel till there is no hair and his feet are all swollen and red.

We tried using the dreaded cone that he hates but he easily found a way to push it back and lick his feet again. So then we decided to take medical tape and wrap his feet in that. For the next few minutes we had a miniature stallion running around the house. He really looked fancy with the tape on his feet but wasn't good enough for him. He just tried pulling it off. We came back from going out for a little bit only to find that out little whiner has managed to hurt himself (or so we though).

He got away with nothing on his feet for a few days until Heather got the idea t make him booties out of old socks. Boy I have never seen him step so high in my life. Every time he picked up his back foot, he would pick it up so high it was almost above his body. These booties didn't last long either even with type. We finally ended up deciding to get a muzzle so he didn't have a chance. We go to the store and wouldnt you know it, the muzzles they have allow licking. Is there no way on earth to stop him from hurting himself?? Here is a picture that kind of shows his booties:

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Brent and Terina Maldonado said...

Bosco had a cut on his food we had to put a sock and tape on, it was hillarious! We ended up double wrapping him. Put a sock on and lots of tape then another sock and more tape. STRONG tape. That worked for us!