Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s been a while since I have posted on here other than the post about my best friend but I am going to do my best to keep people be it few or many updated on the major events going on in my life. Thanksgiving is almost upon us and it has really gotten me thinking about the things in my life that I am thankful for. I have had many unfortunate events in my life and just about everything bad that could happen to someone during their lifetime has happened at least once to me so I do not take anything for granted. With the beginning of the year being one of the worst of my life I thought it would be at least till 2010 till things started turning around and becoming better for me but it seems that as fall came along so did all the good in my life.

Great things started happening a bit sooner but have since only been better and are now accompanied by several other things that I now have to be thankful for. I have made a list of the larger things that I have to be thankful for but in no way is this list complete nor does it give enough credit where it is due.

A few of the many things that I am thankful for:

• Having a job, in a time when so many people are loosing their houses, cars and families I am just thankful to have a place where I can go to get money for the essentials. I have lost my car among many other things due to the economy these days and instead of being bitter I am just thankful that I now have the means.

• A place to live, Katie has taken me in as the last roommate she will ever have and given me a killer deal on a room to rent and been very understanding when I might be a little late on rent. She took me in before my room was ready and gave me a place to stay as well as being there to listen and give good advice when I need it. If I did not live here I would have lived by myself in a crappy studio where I very well could have become a super depressed hermit.

• The best girlfriend a guy could have, Kayla supports me in the things that I do and not only elevates my mood but gives me confidence and self worth that I could not find anywhere else. She brought light into my life and taught me to feel many feelings I had felt I would never feel again. She and her family make me feel loved and included and are just all around good people. I am so grateful for all the welcome change that Kayla brings.

• My health, one thing that is not guaranteed us is health. Health is one of the one things most taken for granted by people these days. Just ask any sick person who has cancer or any other disease and they will tell you how greatly their quality of life has been affected by that. I have my fair share of health issues but I could not be more thankful that I am healthy enough to stand on my own and live a normal life that is not hindered (yet anyway) in any way by health problems.

• My family, Though I do not care for 95% of my family there are a few aunts, uncles and cousins that are here for me and I am thankful for their support. I love my siblings with all my heart and though I do not tell them they know how I feel by my actions. I may not live close to them but I do enjoy every conversation that I share with them, ever minute spent with them. They have been here for me the best they could be when I really need it and they know that they can call on me at any moment and I would be there for them.

Friday, August 7, 2009


Ok so this blog has turned out to be anything but what I had hoped it would be. I will be picking it back up and running with it if all goes as planned.

Music is my life, I know everyone says that but in all honestly it is the vein of my existence. Music for me is what an IV is to a sick patient. I have been fully engulfed in music for the bulk of my life and it really has benefited my life. I have found that the music that I listen to defines my mood, life and who I am.

I only recently related the connection in my everyday life after thinking about the last year of my life. When I was writing full time it literally sucked up my entire life and I never got a chance to actually listen to music. By December my long term engagement has totally fallen apart and from that moment till now it has been getting worse and worse. We broke up and since have moved away from each other almost becoming strangers if it were not for the extremely close emotional bond that for some reason will never go away.

I kept falling as I was jobless and homeless, struggling doing whatever it took just to eat. Luckily for me my cousin gave me a place to stay for a few weeks. I kept sinking lower and lower due to the situation and the actions of others. During the week that I found my headphones I started turning around emotionally and getting back up.

It seems all my confidence and drive was in my music, I was at the end of my rope just wanting to end it all and my music got me from that point to having an unimaginable job for myself and getting a place to live with some amazing people. Music was without a doubt the defining turning point that took my life from as bad as it gets to better than I have ever been on my own.

Music gives me the huge confidence that I need to fulfill my promise and do amazing things. Without it I am nothing and a failure; I am emotionally unstable and a total wreck. With it I am unstoppable.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Getting ready for the holidays

At work getting ready for the holidays has gotten a bit more than stressful for me. I was basically told we needed to write this Holiday Gift Guide with virtually no instruction. I had not even seen one previously, so with my compiled list of stuff that I had hoped was correct I sat down for an entire day and wrote about all this crap I had no idea about.

I had only known two or three of the products because they were my reviews. After I got all finished just in time I sent it over to our main editor and usually he sends it back with changes and many suggestions. I rarely get away without any changes but this time he loved the entire thing. So on to what I thought this guide was suppose to be, it never made any sense to me to begin with. I though we all had to write intros and why we recommended these products this holiday season.

Well the Holiday Gift Guide went up and I was reading through it and noticed that it s all what I had written. I had written the entire guide by myself with very little direction and they published it. Now I actually feel like a writer. It means a lot that they like my work, especially when it comes to something this big. I really enjoy working with each and every one of these guys and hope it lasts a long time.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Such a mess

Alright I have reached a whole 2 readers in a single post. Not bad not bad. I think I've got two stories for today.

I have been so busy and stuck in my work lately that I have not noticed that I have unintentionally turned my coffee table into a very cluttered desk. I have everything on there from phone and accessories to laptops. I took a second to look at everything and found it really funny that I have about 13 phones on my "desk". What makes it funnier is that there not old and forgotten phones, they are all either new releases, or leading phones in today's markets. My coffee has coincidentally become a handset testing station. Here is a picture of what it looks like on one end:

Here is also a picture that I just had to take of the AT&T Fuze. As I was walking back from taking review pictures I passed the popcorn machine and simply had to grab some for a photo.

Last story I have is about our first dog Buddy. He usually take a piss on his foot when going to the bathroom outside. Well after doing this for several months he has started to get irritated and lick his foot. Now sometime between then and now he has developed this nervous foot liking problem, OCD I guess. But the thing that gets us is, he licks all of his feet now. He will sit there all day and night licking his feel till there is no hair and his feet are all swollen and red.

We tried using the dreaded cone that he hates but he easily found a way to push it back and lick his feet again. So then we decided to take medical tape and wrap his feet in that. For the next few minutes we had a miniature stallion running around the house. He really looked fancy with the tape on his feet but wasn't good enough for him. He just tried pulling it off. We came back from going out for a little bit only to find that out little whiner has managed to hurt himself (or so we though).

He got away with nothing on his feet for a few days until Heather got the idea t make him booties out of old socks. Boy I have never seen him step so high in my life. Every time he picked up his back foot, he would pick it up so high it was almost above his body. These booties didn't last long either even with type. We finally ended up deciding to get a muzzle so he didn't have a chance. We go to the store and wouldnt you know it, the muzzles they have allow licking. Is there no way on earth to stop him from hurting himself?? Here is a picture that kind of shows his booties:

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Its a start

Being a "Blogger" I decided to star this blog because it seems not many people know what it is that I am up to. Some of you may know that I hate the term "Blog", but that is the technical term for my job. I work for an amazing company that goes by the name Aradius. I am a Community Manager and writer (Blogger) for Android Community, I also write for sites such as Slash Gear, iPhone Buzz and Phone Mag.

I am going to try and keep up with this a few times a week for those of you who read this. I have some interesting things going on in my life that should make for some good posts ha ha.

I think I'll start with a conversation that I had with someone regarding some spam that was posted in my forum. The conversation went as follows (word for word):





How are you?

well to tell you the truth I'm pretty pissed off

How are you?

am fine

so are you still interested in buying the phone

cos we are offering free shipment today

How are you?

well to tell you the truth I'm pretty pissed off

I am actually not interested in buying a phone from you today. Instead I would like to know what gives you the right to come around spamming my forums.

I didn't come around to fuck your day, why fuck mine?

i didnt fuck u

You think that I will buy a phone from a spam post in a forum that has nothing to do with the phones that you offer?

I know you didn't fuck me, just my day.

Tell you what, since you were so kinda as to stop by and fuck my day, I will fuck your day for free.

what u mean


know the way u talk

this is a company

we are not spam

No I have a better idea, I will fuck your entire week. How does that sound?

A company that advertises through unwanted spam that does not look legitimate, and is removed seconds after it is posted.

so u removed the post

Several times in fact.

I want to thank you for being a thorn in my side for all this time

Have a good day sir

Thank you for reading through all that, I hope you were entertained. This has been a look at what my day is like.